Shree Renuka Sugars Limited
Environmental Compliance

SRSL: Sustainability

Social Initiatives
At Shree Renuka Sugars, our belief is that our work is not over when we report profitability to our shareholders. We believe we are equally responsible to contribute to the society within which we operate. To this end, we have sponsored a host of programmes that positively impacts the well being of the people and sections of the society that need intervention to better their prospects.

We believe that development of the communities in which we operate will result in the empowerment of not just the people in these communities but the nation at large.
Shree Renuka Institute for Rural Development & Research (SRIRDR) and Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation (SRSDF)
Our CSR foundation has been built on two pillars focussing on Rural Health and Development as well as Education:
Shree Renuka Institute for Rural Development & Research (SRIRDR), a NGO sponsored by Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. (SRSL) dedicated to serve the cause of Health and Rural Development
Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation (SRSDF), a registered Trust engaged in the promoting education to bring about the rural transformation and sustainable development
Educational Initiatives
In a bid to improve the educational level of our staff families and the communities we operate in, we have tried to contribute by building a variety of educational institutions that educate, provide employability skills and help improve the standard of living of the people in these communities.
  SRSL: Educational Initiatives
Healthcare Initiatives
Our initiatives catering to the health and well being of the communities we operate in include Health Centers, Multi Diagnostic health camps, a Hi Tech Diagnostic centre, an Ambulance service and Shakar Shalas for children of cane harvesting staff which provides not only education but also nutritive food and regular health check-ups, along with sports and cultural activities.
  SRSL: Healthcare Initiatives
Community Development Services
Being a conscientious contributor to the well being of the communities around us, we contribute through variety of programmes that positively impact the lives of the communities we serve.
Apart from these initiatives, we also hold sports meets, yoga shivirs, sarva shikshan abhiyan programmes, van mahotsavs and street dramas
  SRSL: Healthcare Initiatives
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